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Choosing the Colors to Mark Your Wedding Day

Published / by olivia

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The colors you choose for your wedding would make a great impact on the way your wedding turns out. You have to give great thought to the color of your bridesmaids’ and the rest of the entourage’s apparel. You also have to think about your color scheme at the church and at the wedding reception. The objective is to make your wedding elegant, and the key to attaining that is color harmony.

Select your main color

When you get down to selecting your color theme, you and your partner must sit down with your wedding coordinator. First off, you would have to select the main color for the occasion. The popular colors for weddings right now are pinks and other pastel colors. You may go with the flow or you can choose a more solid color if you wish to set your wedding apart from the rest.

The main criterion that you should folow in your main color choice is taste and preference. Choose the color that you and your partner like. Of course, you can also give consideration to the season you’re getting married in. You can also use black in weddings now, but be sure not to overdo it because your wedding day could take on the somber air of a funeral.

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Select your color accents

The main color will be the color that holds everything together in your wedding. However, you cannot use this same color everywhere from your bridesmaids’ dresses to your reception decorations. That would be overdoing it and would be letting your wedding entourage literally fade into the draperies. Choose one or two other colors to enhance and highlight your wedding color.

After selecting your main color, choose shades of the same color as accents for a monochromatic, elegant and unified color scheme. If you chose pink as your wedding color for example, you can try experimenting with various shades of pink like hot pink and carnation pink.

Monochromatic isn’t the only way to go, though. Instead of picking shades from the same color group, you can actually choose complementing colors to set your main color off. Use the color wheel in picking your color combinations so that you can be sure the colors you finally settle on would truly complement your wedding color.

As a final word, whatever color and color accents you choose for your wedding day, just make sure that they will definitely showcase you and mark your day.