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Ideas for a $10,000.00 Engagement Ring

Published / by olivia

Well, you have reached that special moment that so many long for – the time to buy an engagement ring for that special someone. You of course need it to be special, and you have some cash to spare. So, with ten thousand dollars to devote to the ring of her dreams, where do you start?

In this article, we will spend some time looking at what this amount of money will buy you in the ring world, and just how unique you can make your purchase. Let’s dive into some ideas for a $10000 engagement ring!

proposal ring

How Many Carats?

This is the question that most people seem to start with when ring shopping. Generally, engagement rings can range anywhere between .25 carats and up to 3 or higher. For simplicity’s sake, we will look at some prices from the site Blue Nile to help. On this website, we have found some truly beautiful gems of various shapes.

You can easily afford a diamond of pretty good quality, though maybe with some inclusions, for less than $7,000.00.  This will get you about half a carat or so. If you buy the whole ring, setting and all, you may be able to get over a carat on some sites for around this price.

What about quality?

From this same site, we can tell that the quality of a stone will be pretty good under $7,000, which will still leave some room for the setting. In fact, on the same page as above, you will notice several diamonds of more than half a carat with very little coloring and great quality cuts. Not bad!

Examples to Help You Get Started

All this sounds great, but perhaps you would like to see some more rings, rather than just the diamonds and prices. Below we will check out a couple different sites within your price range.

From the same Blue Nile, we found a ring that comes in around $8500, saving you some cash. It is perfect in all its simplicity, with a lovely center stone and gorgeous little bits of sparkle built in around the sides. A true classic, which can be viewed here:

Let’s check another favorite, James Allen, for more ideas. This stunner of a gem is exactly right for those wanting to make an impression and show off a large center gem. Check out all that sparkle!

10000 engagement ring

And if that isn’t enough, you can even create your own ring, which we did on James Allen. We came up with this amazing design. The braided look of the band perfectly complements the bold squared off halo and circular gem. View it here, less than $10,000!

Other Options

Perhaps you are going for a look that’s a little less traditional. There are a million ways to do this, from mixing metals, to using a sapphire or garnet as a center stone, or even mixing diamond and other precious gems. Here are a couple of amazing rings we found in the ten thousand realm.

We checked out the popular site Etsy and found this amazing deal. A huge deep blue sapphire coupled with a sleek band for $10,000.00! Check it out:

And if you are all about what’s classy and sassy, you will enjoy this sky-blue engagement ring from Tiffany & Co. It combines the best of all gems into one perfect ensemble.

blue gemstone engagement ring-ten-thousand-dollars

View it for yourself:


Now that you have had a chance to see the beautiful rings available to you for $10,000 or less, your engagement ring choice should be all that much easier. Sure, the process can take a while, but armed with this information, you will have no problem finding what you need. We have covered carats, quality, and many examples for what you may be looking for in this particular piece of jewelry.

As a final reminder, take the time to gather information before purchasing. Don’t buy the first thing you see. Look at many sites and maybe in stores, as well. Try to have a good idea of what your fiancé wants, too. Keeping these things in mind, your journey will be a major success!