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Theme Wedding Style Tips

Published / by olivia

beach wedding

Creating a less than average wedding theme? If you have a really imaginative theme, it’s easy to get caught up in over the top decorations and overall style. However, there are really tasteful and classy ways to add a little bit of understated wedding style to a fun theme.

Want to create a great theme, but not sure what route to go? Mixing traditional wedding styles with contemporary fun themes are very popular. Consider these themes and style ideas for your own wedding:

1) Seaside Nuptials: Beach weddings are among the more popular weddings that take place outside of a church or house of worship. This beach theme can be incorporated into everything with just the right touch from a seashell and starfish adorned wedding cake to seahorse decorations, sandy decorations, and other nautical elements. Natural seashell jewelry or hair pieces added to a traditional wedding dress and tropical flowers instead of roses also add to the theme.

2) Holiday “I do’s”: Valentine’s Day is a notoriously popular holiday wedding theme, and is generally easy to add Valentine’s Day style to with hearts, red, pink and white. Add a little extra fun by making your invitations look like Valentine’s, putting conversation hearts at the reception tables and having lots of red roses.

nature theme weddingChristmas is also a popular holiday wedding theme, and you can add lots of style to your look with holly, snowflakes, silver bells and bows. Add a little sprig of holly or mistletoe to your hair to spruce up your Christmas style. Halloween can also be a fun theme, and as far as style goes, you can add candy corns, fall leaves and even spider webs to a traditional style wedding.


3) Personal interest theme: Do you and your partner love to ride motorcycles? Consider adding a little leather to your wedding lace. Love western music or a country lifestyle? Add boots or a vest to your wedding attire or ride in on horseback. Consider adding elements of whatever you and your soon to be spouse enjoy doing together to give your wedding style extra flair.

4) Floral Extravaganza: If you want your wedding to be a flowery affair, have your ceremony take place in a beautiful botanical garden. Adorn you and your bridesmaid’s hair with crowns of flowers, and add a floral motif to your cake, invitations and overall décor. Be careful that you don’t overdo it though, and ask those that will be handling real flowers if they have allergic reactions.

5) Romantic Evening: Consider creating a thoroughly romantic event with a romantic style for you and look for your ceremony and reception. Cascading curls or an upswept hairdo matched with a princess-like ball gown wedding dress and tiara is the ultimate romantic style. Add a little romance to your reception with candlelight, violin music and Renaissance style decorations.

Once you have decided on your theme wedding, creating a style to go along with it is easy and fun. Just remember that less is more, and even the smallest touches add flair to a classy event.